30 sounds (31 presets, 1 sound layered) for Propellerhead Europa.

Price: Free

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Preset list:

Analog modern/                        Bells DX

                                                 BR Apogee

                                                 Keys Synthsizer Harp

                                                 LD Achwell

                                                 LD Jump

Game consoles/                       Bells PSX Deep In The Sea

                                                 BS Game Boy

                                                 Keys Harpsichord DOS Karplus - layer 1

                                                 Keys Harpsichord DOS Electric - layer 2

                                                 LD 64 Trumpet

                                                 LD Game Boy Bycicle

House/                                      BA Acid

                                                 BA House

                                                 BA Sub

                                                 LD Chords rise

                                                 PL Skinny

Jupiter 8 factory patches/         BR Grind Trumpet

                                                 Key Drawbar Organ

                                                 LD Siren's Chant

                                                 Pad Hi Strings

                                                 Pad Square Pad

Trance/                                     LD Supersaw

                                                 PD Dark

                                                 PL Drama 2

                                                 PL Drama

Why not/                                   BS Casio bass guitar

                                                 Keys Clav Dreamy

                                                 Keys Organ

                                                 PL Chinatown

                                                 STR PSR Cello